Creative Olympics is a charity event based on the game Minecraft, and aims to succeed the famous MineAthon. The goal is to have several teams from different countries compete in areas such as build, redstone systems, and even on PvP. Each match will be broadcast on Twitch and spectators will have the possibility to make donations to the association of their choice in order to be part of the jury and have access to servers offering various activities.


Beginning of the event: July 18, 2021 – 18h UTC

End of the event: July 25, 2021 – 22h UTC


As well as on different Minecraft servers. The address of these last ones will be communicated at the beginning of the event.

Course of events

The event will take place over a week. A first opening ceremony will take place on a Sunday (probably July 18) at 18:00 UTC and will conclude the following Sunday at the same time.

  • Sunday:
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Announcement of the theme and constraints for part 1 (map creation)
    • Presentation of sponsors and charities
  • Monday: Tournaments*
  • Tuesday: Tournaments*
  • Wednesday: Tournaments*
  • Thursday: Rest day, hurray
  • Friday: Tournaments*
  • Saturday:
    • Tournaments* again
    • End of the maps contest
  • Sunday:
    • Tournament Finals*
    • Closing Ceremony
    • Announcement of winners during the Golden Guardians ceremony

*Check details below



Teams will be composed of 4 to 6 people (6 recommended, to compensate eventual absences). They will have to participate in a few games, two per day, in addition to the construction of a final map during the whole week.

Please check the FAQ if you want to join our event!


Every team will have to participate to some minigames everyday. These games will have all teams competing at the same time, and points will be awarded based on the final standings. Points will count double for Sunday’s tournaments.

Several games are planned, but of course we keep the surprise for you! Just be aware that they will last about two hours each, and there will be two per day.

Map making

Players will have to create a map in one week (from Sunday evening to Saturday evening) on a given theme and with datapack, resource-pack and construction constraints.

At the end of the week, once the maps are completed, they will be evaluated by donors and staff members, and will count for half of the final score.




Competitors will compete in two different ways:

  • First part: Creating a map in one week, in parallel with part 2. This map must be playable and must involve all disciplines. A theme as well as one or more constraints will be imposed. They will have to all be returned on Saturday evening.
  • Second part: Some tournaments, not to evaluate the ability to create, but the ability to fight against other teams and win different types of games, in a much shorter time frame. Games types will be disclosed a few minutes before each match. See above for other info about them!


All day long, streamers will be invited to present various programs such as:

  • Tutorial/Answers to questions about creating resource-packs, builds or datapacks
  • Matches between teams made up of spectators and/or participating teams if they wish to train
  • The official matches between our teams, if they are also donors
  • Presentation of involved associations and sponsors



  • The public will be able to access some 24/7 servers as well as community events organized by the various event partners. Nevertheless, a large part of the 24/7 servers will be reserved for donors.
  • Goodies will be distributed throughout the event, via mini-games or giveways.
  • They will also be able to watch the matches live and will be able to download the creations of the different teams to discover them in more detail.


  • People who have made a donation of at least 1€ will have, during the event, access to private servers hosting visit maps, mini game maps and build maps (limited in number of players).
  • They will also be able to rate the creations on Sunday in order to determine a winner. This will give them the opportunity to influence the outcome of half of the event!
  • They will also benefit from the advantages linked to their donation, offered by the association they will have selected.



If you have a community of more than 500 people, you can become a sponsor of the event by sharing ads on your social networks. In return, you will be posted on the official website of the event as a sponsor and a special sponsor lounge will be opened on the Discord server to allow you to publish a presentation of your activities or even share your ads.


Do you have a Twitch channel with more than 100 views per stream? You will be able to rebroadcast parts of the event and a link to your live will be visible on the official event list. The schedule of the streams will be defined in advance according to the number of requests and the teams that will compete.


You think you can help the event by offering a service or equipment? Contact us, we will discuss it in detail! If the help you offer is valuable to us, you will then be an official partner of the event and will be displayed as such on the site. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to intervene in the event’s streaming programme to promote your activity.


The Creative Olympics event doesn’t come out of nowhere. It succeeds the formerly known MineAthon. Here is a short nostalgic video of what the MineAthon managed to accomplish before its fall. We will do our best to pick up the torch and try to go even further!