How to join as spectator?

It’s difficult… you have to:

  • Click on this button below
  • Serve you a cold drink
  • Sitting in your best chair
  • Enjoy the spectacle!


How to join as player?

You can participate in solo or in a team with 4 to 6 members (6 very strongly heavy highly recommanded). Be carefull, it won’t be a picnic. You will have to make a map and participate to serveral matches in ONE week. It will be stressful, like… e-sport tournaments. So you’ll need an ironclad mind, boundless creativity, hight strategic acumen and plenty of soda if you plan to win.


How to join as streamer/partner?

Thank you for your involvement, we appreciate it!
You can directly come and talk to us about it on our discord via #contact. It will open a private chat channel between you and us.


What are the deadlines for registration?

One week before the event. So that leaves you:

How to use my own server for the event?

The event will offer the possibility to the community to contribute by offering a special activity on a private server. We will provide a plugin to limit access for donors only. You will have the possibility to install this plugin to encourage people to make donations

If you want to contribute, please fill out this form: